How CallBot helps to automate customer service

Harry Liimal
January 20th, 2020

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What is a CallBot and what are its benefits?


Callbot is an AI solution that automates your call center and enhances your representatives to serve your inbound contacts more effectively. Instead of listening to a bunch of options in an IVR and pushing buttons when calling customer service, Callbot simply asks the person “What can I help you with?”. The customer describes the problem with their own words and the Callbot forwards the call to the appropriate specialist or answers straight with simple questions.

Callbot benefits mindtitan

Stages of implementing a CallBot


  • Stage 1: Get rid of IVR with CallBot

Deploying a Callbot and correctly routing your calls with AI enables to reduce wait times, meet SLAs and representatives can focus fully on resolving the issues of customers.

  • Stage 2: Empower your representatives with dialogue flows

As Callbot transcribes speech to text and analyses, the conversation in real-time it will suggest dialogue flows to representatives. Suggesting the representatives the correct dialogue flow means they can give more consistent answers faster and with less training. Dialogue flow is a smart system that gives instructions to the representatives and does all the necessary background checks itself. With a well-constructed dialogue flow, the representative simply has to say and ask what the AI suggests to them, simple as that.

  • Stage 3: Automate flow

Stage 3 is the automation of stage 2. Not all the dialogues should be automated as we believe there are cases where representatives will keep on doing a better job for a very long time – for example, calls where a customer simply wishes to be heard. On the other hand, if the dialogue flow is not very complicated and the representative is just asking and saying what the AI suggests, we have an opportunity to fully automate that.

Callbot in a nutshell

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

Konstantin Sadekov

Konstantin has graduated from the Estonian Business School major in economics and finance and is currently doing his MBA degree in the USA. Before joining MindTitan he had an international business management experience for more than 5 years and overall more than 9 years of international B2B sales and marketing experience

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Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?