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Why us?

Why us?
The Titan help with defect detection, using computer vision

We know what we are doing

We have an 85+% success rate in a world where the reverse is true. We build it fast while avoiding the pitfalls.
MindTitan shows machine learning business applications

Versatile experience

100+ AI projects - it is hard to find projects similar to which we have not done before.
The concept of AI life cycle: the titan holds growing AI system.

We are worth your trust

Gartner® recognized us among Cool Vendors™ for AI and Automation in CSP Operations and Engagement. Our AI experts helps creating the AI strategy for Estonia.

We adapt to different environments

AI deployments in 20+ countries prove that.
MindTitan helps choosing the most suitable machine learning company

We're not just about AI; we're about the right solution

We deliver AI excellence when it is beneficial, but will steer you towards more efficient, cost-effective alternatives if they serve you better.
The team gathered with the help of AI in human resources

We do not hesitate to go the extra mile

Your success is our true north.