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  • Developed AI strategy for the government of Estonia

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Products and services

Products and services
benefits of chatbot

Titan Chatbot designed to fully resolve your customer issue

  • Automates the answering of a large portion of questions (over 100).
  • The chatbot is designed to maximize FCR (first contact resolution).
  • Detects sales opportunities 24/7 and autopilots them.
  • Matches customer expectations by immediately answering the questions which it knows the answers. It will direct others.

Titan Chatbot


Call automation bot designed to automate your call center

  • Automates a bit portion of the calls by answering on the simple ones.
  • Routes your customers to the right agents.
  • Reduces the abandoned rate to nearly 0.
  • Detects sales opportunities 24/7.
  • Empowers your representatives.
  • Reduces the average handling time.

Call automation bot

AI solutions and machine learning services

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Speech Recognition

  • AI Roadmap

  • Custom AI Solutions

  • Fraud and Anomaly Detection

All custom AI solutions

Case studies

Case studies



Our customers operate across the world

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With MindTitan, your AI projects are in good hands.

MindTitan has created various custom AI and machine learning solutions for our partners around the globe that helped to make organizations more efficient with an 85% success rate of the projects.

Bring Artificial Intelligence to your company

Bring Artificial Intelligence to your company

Have a specific machine learning project in mind? Or are you just looking around to learn how AI could benefit your business? Either way, let’s talk.

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Bring Artificial Intelligence to your company

Bring Artificial Intelligence to your company
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