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Enabling machines to do what was previously thought impossible, increasing the efficiency of organizations and allowing people to focus on where they can create the most value.
custom ai solutions

MindTitan created various AI products and custom machine learning solutions for our partners from Japan to Saudi Arabia. Having worked with public sector institutions from the EU and our experience in developing AI strategy for the Estonian government, as well as long-term cooperation with the biggest Telcos makes us a trustful partner for your business.

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Turnkey AI solutions

custom ai solutions
We are with you from start to finish. From validating ideas on the business side to creating a strategy that is based on them. Making sure everything is ready from the data side from quality, quantity, engineering and scalability.

We set up all the necessary MLOps infrastructure for initial pilots and scaling successful pilots. Of course, we develop the actual AI models producing the desired output and the supporting applications to exploit the output of those models.


tax fraud

Tax fraud detection

Human-in-the-loop machine learning system to learn from expert auditors that helps to detect potential tax fraud. This solution is deployed at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board of Estonia.
Tax fraud detection
call analysis

Call analysis

Based on the calls, the AI model can be used to give an overview of what people ask and how to solve their issues. This model has been implemented in the Estonian state helpline 1247.
Call Topic Analysis
Estonian Emergency Responce Center

AI for emergency response center

AI identifies the type of accident, the severity and assists the dispatcher to ask for additional information, reacting faster to incidents that require urgent help.
AI for Emergency Response
illegal ads

Monitoring social media influencers

Influencers posting illegal advertisements and manual monitoring is very complicated. AI model scrapes the content and classifies illegal ads based on both text and images.
personalized education

Personalized education path

We have developed an AI system that recommends suitable materials to students and gives a great overview to teachers to create a personalized education system.
AI for personalised learning
fault detection

Automatic fault inspection

Finding defects from electrical components requires too much manual work from experts. Computer vision AI system suggests the most likely faults to experts so they only review those.

Who we are

Who we are
mindtitan team

Our experienced team of high-quality data scientists, machine learning engineers and developers can fully support you in solving any problem with AI. We offer services from computer vision and natural language processing to developing speech recognition models, recommendation engines or solving non-trivial tasks with machine learning.



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Let us handle your AI project

We know that finding a long-term partner that could handle your data science project successfully is a challenge. We have developed more than 50 AI projects in 20 countries worldwide and know how to handle complicated projects.