Custom Artificial Intelligence solutions for Startups

Custom AI solutions that will help you to fully develop your project without the need to hire an in-house team.

Projects in 20+ countries
85+ Success rate of our projects
Projects Successfully completed
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Projects in 20+ countries
85+ Success rate of our projects
Projects Successfully completed

Trusted by governments, leading telecoms and banks

Unlock the value of your data with Custom AI software

There are lots of unknowns and risks when it comes to machine learning. And you might not always have enough talent in-house to successfully execute your AI project.

We delivered more than 100 custom AI solutions in 20 countries worldwide and developed the AI strategy for the Estonian government, so we have enough competence to support you.

Our customers appreciate that we provide more than just regular ML services

Besides being top-notch specialists in machine learning we have a team of expert business consultants ready to support you in achieving your business goals and help to develop the final AI solution that matches your stakeholders’ expectations.


We provide turnkey AI solutions

We provide turnkey AI solutions

turnkey ai solutions

It means that we are with you from the start to the finish of the final solution

From validating ideas on the business side to creating a strategy that is based on them. Making sure everything is ready from the data side from quality, quantity, engineering and scalability.

We set up all the necessary MLOps infrastructure for initial pilots and scale successful pilots. Of course, we develop the actual AI models producing the desired output and the supporting applications to exploit the output of those models.

Our projects

Our projects
customer service in telecom

Elisa Call automation bot in Telecom

A conversational interface with its own voice, Annika takes calls from clients, listens to what they have to say, and directs them to the best course of action.
This is done using multilingual speech recognition to translate speech to words, transformer based NLP models to understand the content of a customer’s sentence and non-autoregressive Transformer based text to speech models that provide Annika with her signature voice.
Customer service
recommender engine

CV and job description processing

Building a job search and career development platform requires quite a bit of data collection - user profiles, job descriptions, cover letters, etc. We designed a system that takes user provided documents - CV-s, cover letters, job and education descriptions, etc. - as input and, using transformer based language models, extracts the relevant information that fits the data model of the platform. 

Recommendation Engine
tax fraud

AI model for tax fraud detection

The machine learning system learns from expert auditors and helps to detect potential tax fraud. This solution is deployed at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board of Estonia.
Tax fraud detection
computer vision

Computer vision for power lines maintenance

Our system helps power line utilities to inspect their power grids with the help of drones to capture data and a specialized inspection platform called uBird to analyze it.
Computer vision case study
AI model that will identify illegal ads on social media. Prohibited advertising includes, the use of living beings and emotions in alcohol advertising, or advertising financial services without certain disclaimers.
MindTitan is developing an AI to detect illegal usage of public money to promote political individuals or parties.
The AI-powered tool will provide an operational, multifactorial, and dynamically changing forecast of emergencies that will allow Police to meet the ever-growing challenges.
We have developed an AI system that recommends suitable materials to students and gives a great overview to teachers to create a personalized education system.
Call topic analysis
Based on the calls, the AI model can be used to give an overview of what people ask and how to solve their issues. This model has been implemented in the Estonian state helpline 1247.
Automatic fault inspection
Finding defects from electrical components requires too much manual work from experts. Computer vision AI system suggests the most likely faults to experts so they only review those.
Banglalink data pipelines
We developed a high-performance data ingestion and processing pipeline that ingested the network data of 35 million users of a large telecommunications company totaling about 5TB of data daily.
Elisa network data analytics platform
A complete data analytics platform that ingests the network logs of about 300 000 clients into Google Cloud Platform

And more than 70 successful AI projects

Make my AI project successful too

Why us?

Why us?
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We speed up your learning curve

The MindTitan team works with machine learning projects all the time, and has highly qualified specialists on board; thus, we can start implementing the project right away, not spending time learning how to be more efficient.

We already know who is good at what and who to include to efficiently deliver your project. This might mean including a specific person with a particular skill set for 1 day or 6 months.

German Bidzilja, Head of Product

“MindTitan is kinda the same as having an in-house team”

It’s just that working with MindTitan helped us to kickstart the AI development faster, we had experts and MindTitan just started creating the data and creating the models much faster than getting a new person in the team and training them on the use case and so on. So kickstarting the process was faster using MindTitan’s help”

German Bidzilja, Head of product, Hepta Airborne

MindTitan team

Expertise you can rely on

We take great pride in our team of more than 20 data scientists, software engineers, and machine learning engineers who come from nine different countries.

kristjan jansons

Kristjan Jansons

Co-founder, CEO

Robert roosalu mindtitan

Robert Roosalu

Co-founder, Data science lead

harry liimal

Harry Liimal

Head of sales




Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
How do I know that I need AI to solve my problem?

Discovering the right process to be enhanced with AI may be an unusual task for business people.

People should come to us when they have a business problem where they intuitively feel that the solution could be hidden in data and that it can not be solved by writing a couple of simple rules. If this is the case, AI might be the solution.

To actually define an AI use case, business leaders will need the help of an AI team, who judge if and how to proceed with the problem enhancement; the problem owner who knows the most about the issue; and technical specialists who understand how the problem described by the problem owner can be interacted with in the technical world.

Who is responsible for data collection and labeling?

Data collection is most often on the client side as it is connected to the peculiar business problem to be solved we help as much as we can, especially if it is a data source we have worked with before.

Labeling can be on the client side if very specific knowledge is required for labeling or it can be outsourced to a labeling company or us. Hybrid solutions are also available, and in all cases, we provide proper labeling training and guidelines tailored to the computer vision task.

How much times does it take to execute an AI project?

If you imagine the process made up of iterations of the cycle: data collection, labeling, model development + training, testing & evaluation and deployment into the final solution, usually the first 2 steps take 20-50% of the time (the smaller the project / standard problem, the higher the percentage) while the split between the latter 3 is really dependent of the novelty of the problem being solved, the required performance level and the complexity of deployment. The AI project range is from 3 months to multi-year collaborations.

Do you guarantee the success of the project?

During the project evaluation, we provide a feasibility assessment, and for problems in which we have experience, we can provide a more precise prediction and discuss the forecasted minimum level of performance.

Speed up your machine learning project with Turnkey AI solutions

Send us a request and get a free consultation with our AI experts to

  • Evaluate your AI use case;
  • Determine whether AI should be used to solve your issue;
  • Find out how to improve the efficiency of data collection and labelling;
  • Learn about time and investment estimates.