AI-powered Chatbot Software

Self-learning AI chatbot that actually resolves your customers’ issues without any assistance.

Questions can be fully automated
Supported Languages
Week Project Delivery
Questions can be fully automated
Supported Languages
Week Project Delivery

Trusted by governments, leading telecoms and banks

Customer service is facing high client expectations in terms of getting instant answers to their questions. A long waiting time increases churn, and negatively impacts the customer experience, leading to anxiety and stress among management.

Automate customer service with AI chatbot software by MindTitan running a sophisticated self-learning and company-specific natural language processing model that is able to perform tasks like a human agent and fully resolve the customer’s problem on the first attempt

How does it work?

How does it work?

Resolve customer requests without human intervention

  • Automate 200+ replies & questions
  • Maximize first contact resolution
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Answer automated questions and redirect others
  • Let your customer support team focus on solving more complex requests


Predict and avoid churn

  • Detect customers likely to churn
  • Route churning customers to agents
  • Step in while it’s not yet too late
  • Automatically prioritize critical cases over others


Automatically detect sales opportunities

  • Automatically track users browsing new products
  • Detect an upsell opportunity when it happens
  • Initiate an automated customer chat
  • Forward interesting customers to agents for the final sales proposal


Empower Your Representatives

  • Titan Chabot Suggests your agents’ solution flows and helps with complex issues by analyzing the conversation in real-time.
  • Empowers employees to start helping customers without long training.
  • Makes a quick background check.
  • Analyse the performance of your agents.

Eliminate long customer waiting time

  • Juri is a communications expert with over 7 years of experience in managing clients and providing customer support.
  • Working in customer service for Fortune 500 companies helped Juri to gain a unique understanding of the actual problems that customer agents face every day.

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Langauge agnostic
Train a chatbot in any language
Customisable Widget
Customize the color and logo of the chat web bubble
Backend integrations
Call any of your custom APIs from within the chatbot dialogues
CRM Integrations
Any existing or custom built CRM integration
Cloud / on-prem
SaaS based hosting or on-premise
Chat routing
Direct chats to the correct support agents
Email routing
Direct emails to the correct support agents
Button dialogues
Direct customers in the solution flow via buttons
RPA integrations
Call RPA scripts and modules from within the no-code dialogue builder. Integrate either UIpath or any other RPA engine
Standalone Chatbot
The chatbot can operate completely independently. This can be with live chat, when agents are not available, or without live chat
Proactive virtual agent
The chatbot can be triggered based on any custom event, such as a specific visitior on a specific part of the webpage
User authentication
Take the conversation from public part of the website to logged in part, chatbot will continue the conversation seamlessly
Chat interface
Customer support can rely on our proprietary chat interface or we can integrate with any of the common live chat vendors
Pre trained language models for different industries, which means less examples are needed to get good results
GDPR Compliant
Full GDPR compliance for customer service automation under EU regulations
The chatbot is language agnostic. Slang and typos are not a problem either
The conversational engine is horizontally scalable to suit all your scale needs
Detailed analytics into automation performance
Customer success team
Dedicated customer support officer to streamline your implementation process
Conversation Logs
All history is saved for any future reference
Key trend analysis
Monitor trends and emerging topics among your customer base
Contextual conversations
Context awareness for a smooth and efficient conversation
Named entity recognition
Use the parsed entities in your solution flows
Cluster customer queries to find actionable insights

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
What languages does the chatbot support?

Overall, our platform supports 157 languages, including all the European languages, as well as Arabic and Turkish.

For higher performance, we fine-tune the final language model based on your data, as this enables AI to achieve 90%+ classification accuracy.

Does the chatbot support integrations?

The chatbot has built-in integration API capabilities, meaning you can run any API queries to your background or CRM systems as part of the chatbot Solution Flows. In cases where APIs are non-existent, the chatbot can run RPA scripts to achieve the same effect. The RPA scripts can be deployed both on the cloud and on-premises.

How long will it take to launch the chatbot?

Depending on the complexity of your system and the number of solutions that you would like to automate it can take from 4 weeks to 4 months. The time is mostly dependent on the number of custom integrations that are required. Simple questions can be automated in several days, whereas longer solutions require weeks. Our onboarding and customer success team ensures smooth and fast onboarding, guiding you on each step.

How reliable is Titan Chatbot and how is it different?

Titan Chatbot is the first truly intelligent chatbot that can automate not only chats but also calls. 

Titan Chatbot platform enables the automation of highly complex conversations and customer support use cases. This is achieved in tandem by the machine learning capabilities and the Solution Flow Management (SFM) tool.  SFM follows the business process modelling notation (BPMN) to allow for describing virtually any kind of process. It is adjusted for the TitanCS chatbot to enable conversational techniques, Application Programming Interface (API) integrations and custom Python code for the most complex logic.

Titan Chatbot is built using the latest natural language processing models and made by customer service experts for customer service professionals. Cooperation with the biggest Telecommunication companies like Elisa and Veon helped to shape the business process.

Is it GDPR compliant and how safe is the client's data?

The TitanCS Chatbot is GDPR compliant and is physically located in the Google or Amazon cloud closest to the client infrastructure. In the case of European deployments, the chatbot is deployed at an EU-based cloud provider, again closest to client infrastructure. If required, the bot can also be deployed on-premise for the client. 

The link between the bot instance (has a static IP) and client backend systems is protected by VPN or firewall rules, depending on the client’s preferences.


Lower costs, happier customers

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  • Eliminate long customer waiting time
  • Improve customer experience
  • Detect sales opportunities or prioritize tasks