Titan Chatbot Software designed to fully resolve your customer issue

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Automate customer service with an AI chatbot running a sophisticated company-specific natural language processing model that is able to perform the task like a human agent and fully solve the customer’s problem on the first attempt


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How does it work?

How does it work?

Automate repetitive questions and resolve customer’s issue without human intervention

On some markets, 1 minute makes the difference that is why urgency and how fast you react might cost you a deal or a client

Back-end API integration allows the chatbot resolve customer’s issues without any human intervention on a first attempt. System is able to automate more than 100 questions with classification accuracy 92%

Prioritize contacts and detect those who want to cancel the contract

Retention is the concern especially for a customer service business. Take care with these who want to cancel the contract and forward them to the right agent before they switch to your competitors.

Detect Sales Opportunities 24/7

Some of your potential customers are browsing your website looking for a service or a product. Detect sales opportunities, autopilot them or forward directly to a sales agent.

Empower Your Representatives

Titan Chabot Suggests your agents’ solution flows and helps with complex issues by analyzing the conversation in real-time. This empowers employees to start helping customers without long training.

Client Case Study

Client Case Study

Product Features

Product Features


AI-powered contextual understanding of the spoken language at every step of the dialogue and supported by API and PRA procedures to fully automate customer issues


The chatbot is available 24/7 to serve customers on all the main channels: your website, app, or any popular messaging application


In case of edge cases where human assistance is required, a handover is made either in live chat system or sent to your customer support CRM


Metrics give full transparency into the efficiency of the bot and the rest of the team

Ease of use

The platform will always tell you what is the next best move in training your bots or working on the solution flows to help maximise efficiency and minimise friction in rolling out a new system

Solution flow builder

Titan Chatbot is focused on solutions to problems. The solution flow builder helps you draw and deploy dialogues and connect the required integrations for full solutions.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?
  • How to develop dialogues without a single line of code

  • How to make your agents more efficient

  • How Titan Chatbot can fully automate customer service

  • Use case examples from your industry

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Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?