Conversational IVR
AI-powered issue resolution platform

Reduce long customer waiting time with AI that talks to your customers and resolves issues without agents

Topic Classification Accuracy
Languages can be used
Questions can be automated
conversational IVR dialogue example
Topic Classification Accuracy
Languages can be used
Questions can be automated

Trusted by governments, leading telecoms and banks

Eliminate customer’s long waiting time

On average, customers wait more than 2.4 minutes on the line until they are connected to a customer support agent. Long waiting time increases the rate of abandoned calls, frustrates customers, and actually costs companies around 2% of potential extra sales as some of the abandoned calls are connected to sales opportunities.

Conversational IVR by MindTitan is an AI solution that automates your call center and enhances representatives to serve inbound contacts more effectively. It uses enhanced speech recognition models and natural language processing to understand your customers during the phone calls.


How it works

How it works
  • Instead of listening to a bunch of options in an IVR and pushing buttons when calling customer service, Conversational IVR simply asks the person “How can I help you?”.
  • The customer describes the problem in their own words and the AI forwards the call to the appropriate specialist or resolves its issue on its own without any human aid.

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Resolve customer requests without human intervention

  • Resolve more than 20% of inquiries without human aid
  • Maximize first contact resolution
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Answer automated questions and redirect others
  • Let your customer support team focus on solving more complex requests
conversational IVR churn dialogue

Prevent churn and find new sales opportunities

  • Forward interested customers to agents for the final sales proposal before they abandon the call
  • Route churning customers to agents
  • Detect an upsell opportunity when it occurs
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Onboard your agents faster

  • AI routes questions to the right team eliminating the need for the agents to know everything
  • Conversational IVR helps your agents to concentrate only on important issues where human is needed
  • Solution flow management allows your agents to follow the dialogues, and give correct answers
  • API and RPA integration allows agents to make a background check within seconds


AI based IVR
Replace the slow and inaccurate keypad based IVR with an AI based IVR. Customers simply describe their problem and get forwarded to the correct agent
Voicemail ticketing
Transcribe the problem of the customer calling and forward it to a ticketing system to be handled when an agent is ready
Agent assist tool
Live transcriptions from the ongoing call and chatbot aided guidance for your customer support agents
Automatic speech recognition
The proprietary callbot speech to text algorithms are the cornerstone of the Conversational IVR technologies.
Speech synthesis
Deliver custom answers to clients with the callbot’s text to speech capabilities.
Сall centre integration
Integrate seamlessly with any SIP or IP phone-based call centre
Automated calls
Fully automate simpler calls, such as queries to customer specific questions, frequently asked questions or live feedback from the monitoring team in case of emergencies
Call analytics
Monitor key trends either from the customer (e.g. overview of contact reasons) or the customer support side (e.g. if a specific product is being upselled by specific agents)
Call prioritization
Conversational IVR can recognize topics by priority and route them accordingly
Sales opportunity detection
Pick up on the intent of buying or clues about it from calls and direct these contacts to a hot leads list
Technical failures monitoring
Live overview of where and what kind of failures are happening along with anomaly detection to instantly find out about system-wide issues, which sometimes do not show up in other monitoring systems
RPA integrations
Call RPA scripts and modules from within the no-code dialogue builder. Integrate either UiPath or any other RPA engine.
Backend integrations
Call any of your custom APIs from within the chatbot dialogues.
GDPR compliant
Full GDPR compliance for customer service automation under EU regulations
The Callbot is language agnostic and can support 30+ languages
The Callbot is horizontally scalable to suit all your scale needs.
CRM integrations
Any existing or custom built CRM integration
Cloud / on-prem
SaaS based hosting or on-premise
SMS forward to chat
The callbot can recognize the calls where a chatbot could help and will forward the customer there for full contact automation. The previous dialogue will already be there and the customer does not have to repeat themselves.
Customer success team
Dedicated customer support officer to streamline your implementation process-

Our Offices

Our Offices

Our Offices

We’re headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and our North American office is in Portland, Oregon. Both cities have bustling technology industries, and Estonia is known for being the “Silicon Valley of Europe.”

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Portland, Oregon, USA
 1355 NW Everett St Portland, OR 97209, USA
Tallinn, Estonia (HQ)
Volta 1, Tallinn, Estonia, 4th floor.
 10411 Tallinn, Estonia
Portland, Oregon, USA
 1355 NW Everett St Portland, OR 97209, USA
Tallinn, Estonia (HQ)
Volta 1, Tallinn, Estonia, 4th floor.
 10411 Tallinn, Estonia


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  • Eliminate long customer waiting time
  • Improve customer experience
  • Detect sales opportunities or prioritize tasks