Case Study: AI in Customer Experience and Telecommunications

Kristjan Jansons
January 5th, 2021

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In the search for a better way to improve the customer experience, Mailiis Ploomann knew that cutting-edge data science would bring new actionable insights to Elisa Estonia AS, a leading telecommunications company in Estonia.

Partnering with MindTitan, Elisa Estonia implemented data science, machine learning models and artificial intelligence powered communication tools throughout parts of the business. As telecommunications is a highly competitive industry, Elisa Estonia’s aim is to use artificial intelligence to automate part of customer service, while identifying and nurturing highly valuable customer interactions with customer service representatives.

Also, the telecom seeks to better understand how customers feel and experience their service by analyzing the mobile network with the help of an AI model, and how customers perceive their experience of the service. They have deployed AI within network analysis to learn about each customer’s experience, allowing them to become a proactive telecom.

Get deeper insights on how Elisa Estonia and MindTitan deployed AI solutions to improve customer experience.

Do you have a specific AI project in mind?

Do you have a specific AI project in mind?
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Do you have a specific AI project in mind?

Do you have a specific AI project in mind?
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