MindTitan CEO discusses AI potential during e-Estonia Digital Discussion

Konstantin Sadekov
November 3rd, 2021

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MindTitan participated in the 2021 e-Estonia Digital Discussion on AI held on October 28. The event is organized by e-Estonia Briefing Center, an NGO that acts as a bridge between governments, businesses, and investors to promote the digital industry of Estonia.

The digital discussions are online events where leading experts are given a platform to discuss exciting topics in digitalization.


About the event

About the event
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Kristjan Jansons, CEO and co-founder of MIndTitan, was one of the five speakers who discussed how AI solutions are transforming businesses in Estonia and around the world. Kristjan discussed why AI is important and how it can boost a company’s productivity and business results.

An example is how MindTitan helped the Estonian government identify tax frauds that cost the government more than €100 million every year. By introducing more robust data analytics and AI, MindTitan increased the identification of tax fraudsters by 59 percent with an accuracy of 97 percent.

AI solutions are just as significant when applied in the private sector. Finnish telco company Elisa, for example, had a huge problem – they needed to deliver services faster, but they had limited resources. MindTitan provided more than a dozen AI solutions to Elisa that automated and addressed vital service points, including understanding network performance.

More than offering solutions, AI can harvest data that could give companies insights into improving their products and services.

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However, Kristjan cautioned that AI is not for everyone. Unless a company fully embraces the possibilities of new technologies and lets go of legacy tech that is outdated and ineffective, they would not be able to appreciate how AI could transform their businesses.

Companies are also advised to have an “AI interpreter” in their teams, someone who knows both the business and product sides of AI to ensure that solutions are tailored to the company’s objectives.



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Kristjan Jansons
Co-founder, CEO

Kristjan has helped various companies from Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland to implement the latest AI solutions. Having a strong technological background and understanding of the business processes helps him to understand specific business needs and offer necessary AI solutions for matching these goals.

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