Intel featured MindTitan in their podcast

Irina Kolesnikova
April 21st, 2022

markus lippus

Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast invited MindTitan co-founder and data science lead Markus Lippus to talk about how AI is innovating customer service and many other industries across the world.

Markus spoke about the path that led to the creation of MindTitan, starting with his background in biology, his fear of math, and ending with his paradoxical passion for machine learning.

Then he highlighted MindTitan and Intel’s collaboration on TitanCS solution optimization. With Intel Extension for PyTorch MindTitan achieved 3x improvements in inference performance running on Intel CPUs and drove better real-time call analysis.

Markus also described some of MindTitan’s solutions, which are driving disruption in the telecommunications industry. He used the work MindTitan has done at the leading Northern European telecommunications company Elisa Estonia AS as an illustrative example of the solutions.

The host of the podcast, Jake Smith and Markus ended the episode by discussing the future of AI research and development.