Unleash the potential of AI in the public sector.

We enable the adoption of the most innovative AI ideas in the public sector that save lives, increase prosperity, and improve the quality of citizens’ lives.

Delivered AI projects
Success rate
Project in 20+ countries
ai in the public sector
Delivered AI projects
Success rate
Project in 20+ countries

We are trusted by various governments and world-known organisations like the United Nations.

computer vision

Make a shift from mundane tasks to high-value work.

The public sector can use Artificial Intelligence to design better policies, make smarter decisions, improve communication with citizens, and increase the speed and level of public services.

Does your government already have an AI strategy?

Some global leaders already have strategies to build AI capacity as a national priority. MindTitan has helped develop the Estonian government’s AI strategy, delivering already more than 20 successful AI projects.

Our projects

Our projects
tax fraud

AI model for tax fraud detection

The machine learning system learns from expert auditors and helps to detect potential tax fraud. This solution is deployed at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board of Estonia.

Monitoring social media influencers

An AI model that will identify illegal ads on social media. Prohibited advertising includes, the use of living beings and emotions in alcohol advertising, or advertising financial services without certain disclaimers.

Call topic analysis for the State line

Based on the calls, the AI model can be used to give an overview of what people ask and how to solve their issues. AI has been implemented in the Estonian state helpline 1247.
Topic Analysis

Personalized education path

We have developed an AI system that recommends suitable materials to students and gives a great overview to teachers to create a personalized education system.
Personalized learning

AI forecasts emergency calls for Estonian police

The AI-powered tool will provide an operational, multifactorial, and dynamically changing forecast of emergencies that will allow police to meet the ever-growing challenges.
Emergency calls

AI that helps to detect politicians misusing public money

MindTitan is developing AI to detect illegal usage of public money to promote political individuals or parties.
Public money

AI saves the helpline agents’ time finding answers in seconds

The model uses speech recognition and natural language processing to help the agent to find an answer just in seconds during a call.
Helpline agents

AI Road Traffic Accident Prediction Model

Based on the data, the forecasting model should predict the risk, severity, and root cause of traffic accidents.
Accident Prediction

Ready solutions

Ready solutions

AI-powered chatbot software

Self-learning AI chatbot that resolves your citizens’ issues without any assistance.

  • Automate repetitive questions
  • Perform the task for the customers using API or RPA integrations
  • Let your agents focus only on complicated questions

Chatbot software


call automation

Call Automation

AI that uses speech recognition and natural language processing to resolve citizens’ issues over a phone call.

  • Route customers automatically to the right department.
  • Automate simple questions.
  • Superpower your agents.

Call automation


We provide AI ideas with business potential and not just scientific concepts

We provide AI ideas with business potential and not just scientific concepts

Besides being top-notch specialists in machine learning, we have a team of expert business consultants and public sector experts ready to support you in achieving your business goals and help to develop the final AI solution that matches your stakeholders’ expectations.




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