Energizing AI: Sunly and MindTitan’s Project Shines at Tehnopol’s AI Workshop

Irina Kolesnikova
January 31st, 2024

AI enhances energy storage and utilization in the renewable energy domain

MindTitan, partnering with Sunly, has successfully secured 40,000 euros through Tehnopol’s AI workshop initiative, marking a pivotal moment for both entities. This alliance is set to create advanced battery management software, a calculated step to enhance energy storage and utilization in the renewable energy domain. The endeavor was among seven ventures selected to partake in the quarter-million-euro investment earmarked for cutting-edge artificial intelligence projects.

Throughout the week, a group of fifteen companies engaged with the support of experienced mentors and AI specialists, leading to presentations before an assembled group of experts. This group chose projects for funding, recognizing their significant potential to influence the business landscape with sophisticated AI solutions.

The project by Sunly, realized through a joint effort with MindTitan, aims to devise a system for the efficient management of energy storage unit charging and discharging processes. This initiative is vital for the amplification of renewable energy usage, illustrating Sunly’s ongoing dedication to innovation and ecological sustainability.

Sunly and Mindtitan got funding

Tehnopol’s business development manager, Martin Goroško, shed light on the escalating intrigue and the elaborate nature of AI proposals from Estonian firms. The distinguished projects, including that of Sunly, were commended for their creative direction and substantial impact potential, resonating with Tehnopol’s objective to nurture innovations that alter the global landscape.

This marks the fourth occasion MindTitan has been honored with financial support from Tehnopol’s AI initiative in conjunction with startups. This allocation is a component of Tehnopol’s extensive AI development scheme, endorsed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, which is designed to encourage the embrace of artificial intelligence within a range of sectors. The scheme encompasses a sequence of workshops and an accelerator, supplying essential backing and financial aid to chosen initiatives demonstrating the capability to redefine their areas through AI innovations.

As Sunly and MindTitan advance with their battery management software endeavor, we hope our achievements motivate other firms to investigate AI’s transformative capacity. This partnership emphasizes the critical role of inventive solutions within the renewable energy sphere and spotlights the nurturing environment Tehnopol provides for AI progression in Estonia.

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