AI and Machine Learning for Finance and Banking

  • Increase sales

  • Fully Automate Customer Service

  • Prevent Fraud and Improve Security

  • Predict Customer Churn



MindTitan brings Machine learning solutions for the Finance and Banking industry supporting the innovation journey of the business. MindTitan builds and delivers several machine learning models for the banking and finance industry. As a financial company deploys artificial intelligence solutions, outputs from one model become inputs for another.

That is why we created TitanCS – an intelligent virtual assistant that fully automates customer service by incorporating automating chats and calls.

Full Customer Service Automation

Full Customer Service Automation
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In order to provide a great user experience in customer service in the future, automation is the path to choose today for interactions that can be automated, so people could take care of the ones where human intelligence is actually necessary. Too many people are doing robot’s jobs at the moment and that’s not sustainable in the long run.

TitanCS exists to truly automate customer service and to gain other benefits by converting a contact center from a cost center to a value-creating center.

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AI Services

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Speech Recognition

  • Custom AI solutions

  • Recommendation Engines

  • Fraud and Security

  • Risk Management

AI use cases

AI use cases

Bring Artificial Intelligence to your company

Bring Artificial Intelligence to your company

Do you want to solve a nontrivial task with AI or want to develop something custom? Contact us and our data scientists & business experts will help to solve it.

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Bring Artificial Intelligence to your company

Bring Artificial Intelligence to your company
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Client Case Study

Client Case Study


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Our vision

MindTitan’s vision is to be the best at turning organizations AI-driven to unleash their high-value potential.


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