MindTitan has a tremendous potential, according to GoodFirms

Irina Kolesnikova
June 13th, 2022

MindTitan team discussing AI strategy

MindTitan has been named among the contender companies for Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2022 by GoodFirms as a company with tremendous potential.

The companies in that list are the top industry leaders who not only provide remarkable services, but also have vast industry knowledge, and can assess current market needs and trends using their expertise.

GoodFirms compares the top artificial intelligence companies based on three crucial criteria: quality, reliability, and ability.

This assessment assists future clients of these companies to consider all the valuable details and choose a good partner for an AI project.

“The expert researchers working with GoodFirms have assessed the quality offered by the above-mentioned list of artificial intelligence companies”, the website of GoodFirms claims.

All the AI and machine learning companies in the list were scored through reviews and an examination of feedback.

Thus, the list that MindTitan found itself on, has been created only after the proper and accurate analysis of each team of AI developers on their portfolio, the ability to capture the market, industry experience, the UI/UX of the AI solution as well as its responsiveness.

kristjan jansons

Kristjan Jansons, MindTitan CEO and co-founder:

“We appreciate being listed as a company with tremendous potential.

In most organizations, there are AI use cases that could help to unleash the potential of the whole organization, and our vision is to be the best at finding those AI use cases and actually bringing them to life.

After all, AI is the closest thing we have to magic, and we like to build a future worth getting excited about.”